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Identity Theft and Your Tax Refund

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 06 2015

This morning I received a call from a former client that for the last couple of years had been using Turbo Tax to file his taxes. He recently went to file his returns for 2014 and received a message that his returns had already been filed. Someone had obtained his social security number and other pertinent information and filed fraudulent returns using his information. Now he is coming in so I can go through the process of filing an Identity Theft Affidvit  and his tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service along with the required documentation to prove that he is the actual taxpayer.  When this happened to one of my clients last year I was told by the IRS that once they received the tax return and the Identity Theft Affidavit and documentation it could take up to six months before my client would receive his refund.

This has been occurring quite often.  60 Minutes had a story about this a few months ago. If you did not see that story follow this link (it is well worth sitting through the commercials to hear this story).  It is unbelievable how easy it is to file bogus tax returns and receive checks from the IRS: